MOVE-ON – Launch Today

As it is good weather, we prepared our altitude research balloon for take-off at 1 pm. The payload is a small experimental satellite that returns sensor data. After 40 km altitude, the balloon floats on a parachute back to the ground (scheduled 15 clock). Ask at one of the info stands in the main street for the way or the state of things.

We launch on Saturday!

Since the weather forecast is looking good, we will start on Sunday the 13th of October. This will take place during the open house day of the TUM. The balloon will lift off at 13 o’clock in Garching behind the engineering building. Just follow the signs.

TVK (Thermal Vakuum Kammer) Test

In order to test our system under similar pressure conditions as in flight, we placed our gondola in a thermal vacuum chamber. The test was very successful and all systems worked perfectly. Now we are ready for the launch.

System ready for testing

We have worked a lot the past weeks. So now we can present to you a test rack of nearly all modules. So we will start with our big testing campaign very soon. We are getting signal at the ground station, but we still have to fix some software!

Upgrading from devboard to real pcb

Finally we have all the parts to solder all pcbs.

Hopefully we have them finished soon to start testing. All components have to be checked and we have to run our software on the real hardware.

More family members

We are getting more and more boards. Since we had so many we had to tide up a little. Now six boards are running and communicating over CAN. Looks like a nice family meeting 🙂